Terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions are as follows:

1. Not an Investment
RAGS NFTs are not investments, and you should not treat them like investments. Rags protocols are a membership to purchase NFTs and exclusive streetwear drops and should be treated as such. They are digital collectibles, and could very well be valued at zero dollars in the future. By purchasing any Rags NFTs, you are acknowledging that you understand this.

2. Limitations of Liability for Gas, Failed Transactions, Smart Contract Bugs
You agree to hold us harmless for any losses you may incur as a consequence of minting your NFT. These potential losses include any gas fees for failed transactions, any excessive gas fees charged due to website or smart contract bugs, and any loss of your NFT due to website or smart contract bugs.

3. Class Action Waiver
You agree to waive any class action status, and any legal dispute around the Rags NFT project which you may choose to bring can only be done on an individual basis.

4. Privacy Policy
Rags will not collect any cookies, IP addresses, or user data in connection with your use of the website and app. This is subject to change. Additionally, you understand that the Ethereum blockchain network is a public blockchain and all of your transaction history initiated through the website will be made public. You also understand that Rags NFT may work with third-party apps that collect data, such as Discord or Collab.Land for Rags Holder verifications or giveaways.. However, when Rags NFT aims to launch products in the future, this will require us to collect and store user data. In that event, this provision is subject to change.

5. No Guarantees or Future Promises
We make no future promises or guarantees on the future of this project. While our team has hopes for the future of Rags, they are just hopes. The Rags roadmap is not intended to be a guarantee or promise on its future, and is simply a dream laid out by the creator. It may not happen. When you purchase a Rags Protocol,you only get the NFT (non-fungible token). By purchasing any Rags NFTs, you are acknowledging that you understand this.

6. Taxes
You are responsible for paying taxes to your local government from minting, buying, trading, and selling any Rags NFTs.

7. What We Own
Rags owns our own intellectual property, brand, name, logos, stickers, website, and smart contract. Collectors of this project do not gain access to any of these assets when purchasing an NFT.

8. What You Own

When you purchase a Rags NFT, you gain access to show it off, use it as your profile picture anywhere you please. There is some fine print with that above statement, though. You cannot merchandise the art in your Rags NFT in a way that is lewd, obscene, offensive, racist, pornographic, or overly-violent. Discretion on this matter is up to us, not you.

9. Children
Rags is not targeted toward children. You agree that you are over the age of 18, or above the legal age of your jurisdiction, whichever is greater.

10. Keep it 3000

Enjoy yourself. Enjoy the art. Enjoy the community. Get some swaggy swag. Meet someone new. You’ll be happier for it.

11. Contact us
For more information about our practices, if you have questions, or if you would like to make a complaint, please contact us by e-mail at gm@ragsstaging.wpengine.com, https://www.twitter.com/rags_y3k, or discord.gg/ragsnft